8 Favorites Stores to Shop

To start of ,let me tell you about my body type. I am a UK size 12-14, EU 40-42 and I am 5,4 ( 163cm). I am curvy and have the bum and the chest. And then the smaller waist. I don’t complain because I am rather happy with my body. However because I am curvy it can sometimes be a challenge finding clothes. Especially in Sweden, where the shops target the regular Swedish girl, long and slim. Everything I am not. So as I lived in London for 9 years I am more used to buying clothes in UK, so I still do. I often go to London and buy clothes or buy online from UK. So I thought I would share my tips on where I shop.




H&M is a Swedish store that is massive around the world! H&M is like Starbucks in US/UK, there is one every corner in Sweden! I mainly purchase tops at H&M as my body type does not fit into their trousers and jeans. Plus I am only 5,4 ( 163 cm) and all their jeans and trousers are regularly or long. So for me that means a lot of work with shorten them. However their leggings usually suit me, so on rare occasions I buy that  from them. Otherwise I usually only buy tops and shirts, unless it is an oversized shirt I have to go up a size to fit the chest area. H&M sizing is small and I know I am not the only one who has that experience. From H&M I usually buy online, as I know exactly what size I am and how the quality of their clothes are. It’s cheap and they have great everyday office wear. So it’s a go to when I need the essential basics for my office wardrobe!




Mango has a very classic feminine style to their clothes. I have purchased a few tops from there and I am very much looking forward to see there autumn clothing. Mango do some really good affordable handbags as well. That is very much inspired by designer handbags.


Shop from Mango



This is where I get my style inspiration from. They do some lovely clothing and I love to just browse in their store. It gives me inspiration in combining clothes that I never thought of putting together. If I purchase things from Zara it is accessories or tops/sweaters. As again they have a sizing in their trousers that doesn’t fit me. I never tried their jeans so I don’t know if they are stretchy or not. For me Zara is a very classic fashion store. They have trendy items but it’s also very classic style. And that’s just what I like. I am all for classic items, that you can wear season after season. Sometimes I wish I could go out of my comfy box and purchase some more statements pieces in Zara but I have a regular office job,working with finance so I would be slightly overdressed. So therefor I have chosen to stick with my classic items.

4.River Island


I don’t usually shop here and never did when I was living in UK. However as they are one of the only few shops in Sweden that do jeans in different length I recently bought a pair of jeans from there. And I now don’t understand why I never bought jeans from there before! They fit like a glow! I have ever sense I moved back to Sweden bought jeans online from either New Look or Dorothy Perkins as they also do great jeans in different lengths. However this time I wanted to try jeans on. So the natural choice was River Island as one of the few UK shops in Sweden. They are a bit pricier than New Look and DP. But it’s so worth it!


Shop River Island




I cannot write this post without mentioning Primark. When I visit UK this is a must! I stock up on socks, basic vest tops and so on. Sometimes I find the occasionally different item or shoes. But I think lately as I turned 35 I have come to outgrow Primark a bit. But it is and will always be great for those essentials needs like socks and vest under tops and so on.




I have only shopped here a few times and mainly is because I don’t know there sizing. Every time I order it’s too big for me. And at other online shops like Boohoo it’s too small in my size. So I can never truly know how it will fit without trying. So if I order something from Missguided I want to be pretty sure that it will fit. I ordered an oversized duster coat last winter, when it arrived it was way too big! I had to roll up the sleeves. So I decided to order one again this year, but I went down a size. It hasn’t arrived yet so I will see how it will fit.


Shop Missguided




Asos is my go get to for dresses, I used to go out a lot , back in the days when I was younger! And I always bought my bodycon dresses at Asos. The dresses always fitted perfectly. I used to shop in the sales and I could get a couple of dresses under 50 pounds. Lately I have mostly bought shoes from Asos. What I like at Asos is that you can shop different brands, from budget to more premium high street. Mostly I like that they do free shipping to Sweden! So often if I want to order something from another store/brand I go to Asos and check if they have the item and order it from there instead.


Shop Asos



Lindex is a Swedish retailer that I know has opened in London as well, inn Westfiled. They do women’s clothing and kids clothing. 10 years ago it was mainly for middle age women but they have stepped up their game the past few years, or it might be because I am getting older myself! I purchase my work trousers at Lindex.  Simple black work trousers. Their sizing is slightly bigger than for example H&M as Lindex are more targeting older women with more curves. So at Lindex I usually go for a size smaller than I am. I also prefer buying underwear at Lindex as again they target more curvy women. And I am one of them! Pricing of their items are medium budget. So purchasing trousers from their doesn’t break the bank! I highly recommend Lindex if you are looking for office work and are curvy and want to be able to buy trousers and jeans that fit!


So that’s some of my favorite’s stores to shop. Of course I buy stuff from other places as well, but this is the ones I keep going to regularly. I am prefer shopping online if I know the sizing is correct. If not then I visit the shop. I always shop alone, because when I go shopping I want to go at my own pace. I try and go early in the morning when the shops just opened when it’s not that crowded and you don’t have to queue for the changing rooms.

Where do you like to shop? Do you shop in store or online?


  1. Kara August 26, 2017 / 2:55 pm

    I always love learning about peoples favorite stores to shop. I shop at Zara, ASOS, and H&M too! My goal is to one day be able to go to a Primark as we don’t have them in the US. And I do most of my shopping online as well! It’s simpler and more convenient x

    • admin August 26, 2017 / 5:46 pm

      Yeah online is so comfy, doing it at home in your sofa! Yeah Primark is great, I hope that one day they will have an online shop!

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