August Favorites

This months favorites are tech items. I am a bit of a tech geek I must admit! even though I have bought some lovely products and cloths this month, these are genuinely the products I have been using and loving the most this month!



I used to be very much in the game when it came to the latest music, now I am not. I rather listen to a good audio book. I have an app that I pay monthly for and I can then listen to as many books as I want. I often listen on my commute from work. But when I get home I use these speakers. They are small and stylish and blend in to my home.





This fitness tracker is helps me see each training session  and gives me feedback immediately after exercising. You use it combined with the app Polar Flow & Polar Beat in order to get out the most of your tracking. As I work in an office this is so important to me, it gives me the motivation to walk more during the day and go for my training sessions at the gym. It also lets me know if I been sitting still for to long! Then I just take a 5 minute break and walk around the office.

The tracker calculates the number of calories burned based your weight, height, age, etc which you register when setting up an account. It is very easy to use. I did choose a white one for it to blend in easier with my everyday clothes. There are changeable wristbands that you can buy to change the color to suit for different occasions. I been using my Polar tracker for about 3 weeks and I can’t go a day without it!

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What do you do to keep you motivated for working out? What are your tech favorites?


  1. Kara September 2, 2017 / 6:45 pm

    I’m terrible at remembering to get up and move throughout the day when I’ve been working on the computer. I love that the fitness tracker tells you when you’ve been sitting for too long! That is such a smart feature x

    • admin September 3, 2017 / 11:33 am

      Yeah that feature is great! It makes you get up, otherwise you can sit for hours forgetting time when you for example is writing a blog post!

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