Kiko Milano Make Up

Kiko is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge make-up, face and body treatments. Here below is my first review of their products!


I came across it shopping at Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm. There was a sale on and I couldn’t resist. I was pleasantly surprised as they had a wide range of make up and even skin care. It was all also very well priced. I am not a huge make up user and I am  just getting into it. So although I sometimes  splurge on a Dior lipstick or so, I don’t want to spend to much on everyday make-up.

I bought the gel effect nail top coat with kukui oil and first step nail cleanser with kukui oil. Impressed with both products. I been looking for a top coat to my nails for a while and sense this was a gel top coat I thought it would be better than just a plain simple top coat nail polish from H&M ( Knowing me that is what I would have bought otherwise) The gel top coat gives a shiny look to the nails and that is just what I was after. For those who are more into the matte look on their nails they also have matte nail top coat with kukui oil.

Of course I could not resist buying Lip gloss and lipsticks! A girll can never have too much of that! I went for a Creamy Lip gloss in the shade Pearly Strawberry Pink and Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick with SPF 15  in shade Red Coral . Both beautiful colors and well suited with the color of my skin. I actually used the lipstick first and then the gloss. It gave me the perfect shade combined! I am for sure visiting Kiko again on my next return shopping. I will also go online on their website to shop for more products. Please visit Kiko Cosmetics if you are interested in the brand and see what range of products they have.

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